Hi I'm Dr Kevin Yong  

I Want Your Life to be Awesome!

I think of health as a jar of pennies.  As it fills, you feel great and life is better.  But when it's low, you feel like crap and end up sick at the doctors.  Every little thing you do either adds or takes away from your jar of health.

accumulate health

I'll show you the simple things that keep your health jar topped up
and I'll teach you how to build them into your day so you can enjoy a happy healthy life.

3 Ideas that could Save Your Life

These 3 ideas are core to everything I write.  If you learn nothing else from me, keep these in mind and live well

Health makes life better - work, relationships, leisure... even growing old.
Too busy to stay healthy? Then join us and shift to a healthier mindset

Eat good food.
Move your body.
Chill out, and get some sleep.
That's all there is to it!  No magic bullets.  No fad diets. No silly rules. Just simply living well

Make healthy normal with small changes that actually stick.  Consistency is key!
 Stick around and learn how to follow through with your healthy choices and good intentions.

Is this site for YOU?

☑  Do you struggle to find time to stay healthy?
☑  Are you unsure of what you should actually be doing?  
☑  Do you find it hard to stick with the healthy changes you've started?
If the answer is yes, then you're in the right place.  I can help you overcome these barriers and get back on track.
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