Say No to Restrictive Diets. Here’s Why.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

What do you do when you want to lose weight?

Do you jump on a diet, restrict your eating and then hang on for dear life?

Diets suck.  And they don’t work.  In fact, research shows that they often make you gain weight.

Have you experienced this yourself?

If dieting has not worked for you in the past, don’t be fooled into thinking that it will in the future.

Why Diets Make You Gain Weight – 2 Main reasons:

1. Restricting food makes you hungry!

Are you stuck in the nutrient deficit cycle?

Poor quality junk food results in a nutrient deficit in your system (even if it has thousands of calories).  Your body’s natural response is constant hunger and cravings leading to eating more and further weight gain.

nutrient deficit cycle

Dieting just exacerbates this cycle.

If you restrict your intake, you go into a deeper nutrient deficit with stronger hunger and cravings.

This is a recipe for failure.  You might be able to stick with it for a short period using willpower, but eventually you’ll crack.

Dieting is like holding your breath.  Sooner or later you’ll come up for air.

It’s not your fault. It’s just how your body operates.


2. Diets are unpleasant.

We are only human.  By nature we are hard wired to seek pleasure and avoid discomfort.

Part of that is avoidance of change, especially drastic restrictive changes … diets are a classic example.

So when you try to starve yourself, or set strict rules to lose weight, your brain does it’s best to resist.  This internal resistance is extremely powerful and shows up in the form of fear, excuses, justifications, procrastination, and in the case of dieting, eventual binge eating.


Ditch the diets – Here’s what to do instead

Upgrade instead of restrict.

Don’t exacerbate the nutrient deficit by more restriction.

Instead – bust out of the cycle by upgrading your eating.  Focus on adding the right stuff to your diet.

Fuel your body with nutritious, natural foods that nourish your body and leave you SATISFIED. No more fighting with constant hunger and cravings.  You’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight, be more resilient and feel great.

Make gradual change.

Bypass internal resistance by making small changes that are ‘safe’ and enjoyable.  Accumulate repeated small changes to achieve incredible cumulative results.

You’ll find the process much less painful and much less of a battle.


Dieting doesn’t fail because you are weak or because you run out of motivation.  Dieting fails because it is the wrong method and works against your natural instincts and biology.