50,000 Consultations Later – 3 Things I’ve Learnt about Health

I did some maths the other day and the results took me by surprise.

I calculated the number of consultations I have done in my 14 year career as a doctor. The conservative estimate was a fairly impressive 50,000+ patient consultations. Not too shabby.

I never set out to see that many patients. It never really crossed my mind. What I did do, was turn up and do the work, one patient at a time.  It’s a great example of how consistent action can bring about impressive results.

During those 50,000 encounters, I’ve learnt many things, but there are 3 key insights about health that I want to share with you:

1. Absence of disease is not the same as being healthy

Your body is resilient.  It can handle a lot of mistreatment before things really start to go wrong.  But just because your body is not broken, doesn’t mean it’s functioning at it’s best.

Read more about this in my article on health accumulation.

2. There is no condition known to man that can’t be made worse by a doctor

I learnt this early in my career from a good doctor mate of mine Prof. Mick Gibberd.  After all these years it remains a constant truth about our profession.

It’s so much better to live well and stay well, than to rely on doctors to fix you after you’ve damaged yourself .

I hope my advice on this website keeps you away from the doctor.  And if that puts me out of a job, then I’ve achieved my goal.

3. More facts won’t help you change

Having a deep knowledge of what is good for you or fully understanding the consequences of neglecting your health, does not help if you don’t know how to put that knowledge into action.

Doctors, for example, have years of education and experience in this stuff.  Yet there are thousands of doctors who struggle along just like everyone else.

Most people don’t need more facts… consistency is key.


Health is not black and white. We all sit somewhere along a spectrum of health.  Live well each day and you’ll keep moving along that spectrum towards good health.